a little dress


I bought Ellie her first little dress to go in her closet. I remember the very first outfit I bought Easton, and it was always one of my favorites. I can close my eyes and see her wearing it, her hair in a braid with a little bow. Oh my! Having a little girl is going to be amazing! I am so excited for all the girly things we will get to do together. Oh boy!

Tomorrow morning, Cody and I are going to Austin for a psych evaluation that is required for our dossier (the huge file of info that goes to Colombia that shows we want to and are qualified to adopt). It was extremely difficult to find a doctor to do the testing that Colombia requires. We called 7 different doctors in the area and none of them could/would do the testing. I was getting overwhelmed and stressed out over it. Thankfully I was introduced to another mom who adopted her son from Colombia and she told me about the doctor they went to in Austin for their evaluation. I quickly called them, only to be told he wasn’t accepting new patients. I pleaded with the receptionist to talk to the doctor and let him know our situation. She said she would call me back after she talked to the doctor. Thankfully he agreed to see us, but we had to come this weekend and he would do the testing all day on Saturday. I am excited to be able to cross this off our to do list! After this, we only have our two home study visits and then we are finished with everything we have to do for our dossier! Woo Hoo! We are getting so close!

Our garage sale donations have been awesome! We have so much stuff! We have been so very blessed by friends, family and complete strangers. So many little details have come together to make this adoption possible, it is so obvious that God has his hand on this. For example, the day we joined our church, Lake Pointe, we met a lady who knew a woman  who had adopted her son from Colombia and she gave her my email address. She is the one who told me about the doctor in Austin, who knows how long it would have taken for me to find him. Another blessing was a very nice lady donated a coffee table and some blinds for the garage sale, she is from Colombia and offered to help us in anyway she could. It is truly incredible.

Our T-shirt fundraiser is going great, if you haven’t ordered a shirt yet, click here to do that now. I want pictures of everyone in their shirts to put in Ellie’s Life book. Also, I am going to make a picture collage for her room with everyone’s picture in their shirt. I want her to be able to see how many people helped bring her home.

Thank you all for your prayers, support, encouragement, love and excitement for us in this awesome time. We love each of you and appreciate you!



I am a passionate cook who is striving to broaden my families pallet.

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