mini update



I haven’t updated in over a month. Really, because there is not much to update…

Thankfully we got our new immigration letter last week and it is in Austin right now getting apostilled. Hopefully, we will get it back this week and it will go to Colombia and then our file will go to the orphanage and be reviewed. So, the end is in sight, we just have to wait a few more days.

We have been busy getting ready for our big fall garage sale. The one in the spring was a huge success, we are hoping this one is just as awesome. So many wonderful people have donated items and offered to help, we are so grateful! If you are cleaning out excess stuff and want to donate them to the garage sale, let me know, I will come pick it up.

We also have new t-shirts! The last shirts were awesome and so soft, we decided to do another design in a darker color. If you want to get a shirt, CLICK HERE. We think they are super cool! They should be here by the garage sale, so wear yours if you come shopping!

A lot of people have donated on our adoption link, seriously thank you so much! It doesn’t give me names of people when they donate, so sometimes I don’t see it for weeks at a time. But really, we thank you so very much! It is amazing to see how many people who support us and want to help us bring Ellie home. We feel so blessed by each of you. If you want to donate, CLICK HERE no amount is too small! Every dollar adds up.

Again, thank you so much to each of you who have made this adoption possible! We so appreciate it!




I am a passionate cook who is striving to broaden my families pallet.

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