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On October 10th the committee in Colombia reviewed our file. We were expecting to hear that we were approved that evening. I got a call a few days later from our agency and they said that we wouldn’t hear back from the committee until the end of the month because they had an adoption conference. So we waited. On November 7th I got a call from our agency and it was not the news we wanted. The committee in Colombia had reviewed our home study and they wanted every single “special needs” that we are accepting and are approved for from a six page list added to our home study. It was disappointing to have yet again another set back, but we are so very thankful that they didn’t just reject us, because a 2nd chance at adopting from Colombia is almost impossible. We have been going back and forth updating the home study since July. It has been updated now and it arrived in Austin today, so we are hoping to have it back next week and it can be sent to Colombia. We are hoping and praying that this is the last time and we will finally get our approval. I keep telling myself that this will be all worth it in the end, when our baby girl is in our arms all this stress will be a distant memory.

Since it is Thanksgiving week, I am reflecting on our blessings and what I am thankful for. I am so very thankful for the opportunity to adopt. This process has not been easy at all, but it has taught me patience and to trust God in all the little things. I am thankful for Cody who sees me at my worst and loves me anyway. I am thankful for Easton, he made me a mother and he truly is our miracle baby. I am so thankful I was able to get pregnant and have my Easton. I am thankful for my Mom and Dad and Cody’s mom and stepdad. Their financial support of this adoption has been an enormous blessing. I am thankful for all of you who have supported us in this adoption. So many of y’all have donated, purchased things in our fundraiser and cheered us on! We appreciate y’all! Thank you!

We are doing a candle fundraiser with Candles by Carol, who is a local small business and she has the absolute best candles. If you want to order some, the orders must be in by November 30 to ensure Christmas delivery! I can ship them to you as well if you cover shipping costs. Here are the scents:

Crème Brûlée (cream color)- A sweet, rich scent. Smells like a delicious cake in the oven, Our best seller ever!

Vanilla Spice (tan color)- The perfect mix of sweet vanilla and bold spice.

Heirloom Gardenia (white color)- Fresh sweet gardenia with a hint of bergamot, lily, sandalwood, and a splash of orange blossom.

Sweet Lemon (pale  yellow color)- The perfect combination of fresh, clean, juicy lemon, and sweet creamy vanilla.

Eucalyptus Mint (White Color)- An Uplifting spa scent! Vaporizing eucalyptus with fresh mint.

Cinnamon Apple (Red Color)- Sweet Mcintosh apple with spicy red hot cinnamon.

Creamy Pumpkin (Creamy Orange Color)- Pumpkin and cinnamon with a sweet vanilla bean and a splash of caramel.

Traditional Christmas (Red Color)- Sweet mandarin orange and spicy cinnamon- a Christmas favorite!

Christmas Cookie (Butter Color)- Delicious buttery cookies with creamy vanilla and a touch of cinnamon.

Here are the sizes:


If you are looking for an end of the year tax deduction and would like to donate directly to our adoption fund, you can do that HERE.

Hopefully, we will have some good news our next update, until then we wait.



I am a passionate cook who is striving to broaden my families pallet.

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