the waiting game


It is funny that we are now in the waiting time of the adoption process. We hurried up to wait! Our dossier is being translated now, We are hoping that it will be completed in the next couple of weeks. Two weeks ago, we did our biometric hand scans for Homeland Security to get immigration approval for bringing Ellie home. We are hoping to get our approval letter from immigration next month. Once we have the approval letter and the dossier is translated, everything will be submitted to the orphanage to be reviewed and hopefully we will be matched with our baby girl and get our referral soonish after that! It is an exciting time, knowing we are on the home stretch, but can be frustrating to wait and not have a real timeline.


Easton turned 2 last week and he is eagerly awaiting his sisters arrival! We have a world map in his playroom and everyday he points to Colombia and says “Sissy Ellie, here” We have been doing our best to prepare him to have a little sister. He now asks to pray for her every night before bed. It is very sweet. At his birthday party he saw a baby doll and called it “Sissy” and offered her a bottle. I love seeing his tender heart and I know he will be a wonderful brother.


We have had some wonderful small business owners and consultants for companies offer to do fundraisers for us and we have been so very blessed to be given money towards our adoption. We have some more fundraisers coming up, keep watching for them!

We appreciate all of the prayers and support we have received! If you want to make a tax deductible donation that goes directly to our agency,  CLICK HERE.

Thanks for following our journey!




I am a passionate cook who is striving to broaden my families pallet.

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